New Veggie information and recipes and Plant for a Buck

  Eggplant, Artichokes and Melons  

We are expanding the information on the vegetables we sell so you can be more successful and have more fun. Check out our Artichoke, the Eggplant, and Melon pages for new growing tips and links to scrumptious recipes.

Understanding when to plant vegetables can be a little confusing, so we break them down into three categories.

Cool Weather Annuals:


  • Broccoli

  • Brussels sprouts

  • Cabbage

  • Cauliflower

  • Celery (mild winter climates)

  • Swiss Chard

  • Fennel

  • Lettuce

  • Mustard greens

  • Onions

  • Cilantro

  • These plants mature in cool weather instead of warm weather so they are planted in late summer or early fall in warm winter areas and in early spring in colder summer climates.

    Warm Weather Annuals:

    Celery (cold climates)

  • Cucumbers

  • Eggplant

  • Melons

  • Peppers

  • Squash

  • Tomato

  • Squash, Winter and Summer

  • Dill

  • Basil

  • These plants are always planted after danger of frost. They need warm summer days and nights to mature.

    Perennial Vegetables and Fruits:

  • Artichokes

  • Asparagus

  • Rhubarb

  • Gooseberry

  • Marionberry

  • These are planted after danger of frost in a permanent spot where they will grow and spread for many years.

    For more information on any of our veggies, visit our main Vegetable Plant page.

    Plant for a Buck
    Want a real deal? We have a new link in the sidebar you see when you add an item to your cart. This takes you to one plant that is featured for a dollar. This plant will change at random intervals, so if you see something you want better grab it then. Plant for a Buck must be ordered from this link on the left or it will be charged at full price.

    Have a treat on us!

    Our current plant for a buck is Goldstream Thyme, a beautiful and fragrant thyme ground cover.

    But this will change soon!

    Goldstream Thyme (and many other plants we carry) is also available in our 128 plug tray at

    As always all our plants are certified organic by the USDA.

    Lemony variegation of Goldstream Thyme


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